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Mini Manicure   20 min   $15.00

This is a dry manicure, ideal for those who do not prefer cuticle maintenance.  Service includes trim and shaping nails, quick hand massage, and polish. 

*Price does not include gel polish*

Classic Manicure  30 min   $25.00

A classic manicure with full hand and forearm massage, trim and shaping nails, warm towel treatment, and polish.   *Price does not include gel polish*

Hot Oil Hydrating Manicure  45 min  $30.00

Signature manicure using  luxurious preferred essential oil soak warmer.  Includes cuticle eliminator, with organic citrus sugar scrub, followed by a restorative hydrating massage cream and warm towel treatment and polish.  *Price does not include gel polish*

Gel Manicure  45 min  $35.00

A classic manicure that finishes with a gel polish application lasting for approximately 10-14 days.  No smudging, chipping, and the best dry time, leaving your nails shiny and glossy until gel removal.  

Polish Change  5-10 min  $8.00

*Price does not include gel polish*


Express Pedicure  30 min  $35.00

Includes mint soak, cuticle maintenance, quick exfoliation, light massage, and polish.  *Price does not include gel polish*

Therapeutic Heel Pedicure  45 min  $45.00

Ideal for those with dry heels.  Includes lemongrass essential soak, callus eliminator application, citrus exfoliation, massage, warm towel wrap, and polish.  *Price does not include gel polish*

Escential Escape Spa Pedicure  60 min  $55.00

This luxurious pedicure begins with a *unique essential oil soak*, cuticle maintenance, oil, buff, callus eliminator application, lower leg/foot citrus sugar scrub, cooling foot masque, warm towel wrap, and polish. 

*Unique Essential Oil Soak* - using an iTOVi scan identifying which essential oils your body needs..  These frequencies are recorded, analyzed, and compiled into a personalized iTOVi report.  Using the recommended oils will bring your bodies frequencies back to it's optimal state.  

Polish Change  10-15 min  $12.00

*Price does not include gel polish*

Additional Services

Gel Polish Add On - Hands  15-25 min  $17.00

Gel Polish Add On - Feet  15-25 min  $22.00

Gel Soak Off   30 min  $10.00

Using a non-toxic, non-acetone process, followed with restorative hydrating hand cream, and one clear coat non-gel polish.  

French Finish  10-15 min  $5.00

*Price does not include gel polish*

10 Minute Hand/Arm Massage  $15.00

Using warm massage oil

10 Minute Lower Leg Massage  $10.00

Using warm massage oil

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