Theresa Hoffman, LMT. Phone: (716) 902-4295


Accepting: Cash, Check, Credit.

Massages with Theresa include:

    30 min    $40.00
    60 min    $65.00
    75 min    $80.00
    90 min    $90.00

Each massage is customized to address your specific needs. The degree to which I can meet your needs will depend on the time frame you select for your appointment.  A variety of massage techniques are integrated into each massage session, and include but are not limited to; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial, Positional Release, Cupping, Hot Stones and Fascial blasting (visit

Aromatouch           40 min  $45.00
This technique is a gentle and sedating application of eight essential oils to your back. This technique improves well-being by assisting with immune support, reducing physical stressors like inflammation, reducing emotional stressors and creating balance within the body’s autonomic nervous function. It takes about 40 minutes and is not a typical massage, yet the results will leave you rested and renewed.

Aromatouch Plus   60 min  $55.00
This is the Aroma Touch technique (listed above) but also includes an additional 25min traditional head, neck and shoulder massage.

Fascial Blasting      60 min  $75.00
Includes use of infra red sauna. Go to now and learn about the amazing results men and women are receiving using this system created by Ashley Black. Reshape your butt, thighs, stomach, and other body parts by releasing bound up soft tissue that creates cellulite, restricted movement and pain in your body. Although this is a system you could do on yourself at home many are needing help with hard to reach areas so I am here to help.  

Medical Massage     45 min  $50.00
A medical message is treatment to a specific area of injury.  It is not a full body massage.  The orthopedic massage techniques used are based on the work of James Waslaski.  It involves gentle manipulation and stretching of joints and muscle groups so clothing is necessary in most cases. Bring a pair of loose shorts to wear and ladies include a sports bra. If you are being referred for treatment of an auto accident injury No fault requires a script from your physician.

Maternity Massage   60 min  $65.00
A deeply relaxing massage that provides relief of the muscular tension and tightness created as your body adjusts to your growing baby. Enjoy actually lying on your belly during the massage, using "The Body Cushion" by Body Support Systems. (